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4216 West 204th St, Matteson, IL – 708-481-8300
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    Welcome to the Calvary Church!

    Worship at 10:45!DSC03971a

    We want to let you know right up front that we are not a mega-Church. In fact, the Calvary (Memorial Baptist*) Church of Matteson, Illinois, is a little fellowship that fully understands that we have a mega-God who has called us into fellowship with himself through the sacrifice of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

    As we look through the Scriptures, we do not see the size of a particular Church as being relevant. Among the Seven Churches of Revelation, we do not find them being commended or criticized in terms of size. What we have are local groups of believers being commended or criticized based upon their character, endurance and a desire to hold fast to the truth or lack thereof. By grace, may we be concerned with the qualities that matter to the Lord and not those that matter to our culture. Our culture values flash, size, power and style. We hold that we are called to value Christ alone, and that nothing else ought to matter. (See I Corinthians 1:18 – 2:5; Galatians 2:20 and Philippians 3.)

    If you choose to join us on a Sunday morning or Wednesday evening prayer meeting, we hope that you will find a group of people who are seeking more and more to be totally surrendered to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We desire to live in an increasing Christ-honoring way through a growing relationship with him, rather than seeking to “live righteously.” A right and growing relationship with Christ will result in increasing obedience from the heart, derived from the conviction and prompting of the Spirit of God and knowledge of the Scriptures.

    We believe that our purpose in life can be broken down into two linked statements;

    Seeking to know the Way.
    Seeking to make the Way known.

    We seek to know the Way (Jesus) because he first sought us, and calls us into the kind of life that God originally intended for us to have.
    We seek to make him known through our lives and words because we are his ambassadors.

    Link to Early teaching notes for January 1, 2017

    Link to a great article on small Churches!

    What to expect on a Sunday morning (meeting at 10:45am)

    • Differing styles of clothing, so come as you are. We figure that God doesn’t look at the outward appearance so we shouldn’t either.
    • Acoustic guitar driven worship (hymns to contemporary works)
    • Great fellowship, even if you are new
      (we start late sometimes because of this)
    • Solid Biblical teaching using Power-Point
      (check out the “media” page for powerpoints)
    • A beautiful location in a wooded area
      (don’t let Bambi scare you)

    We would love to have you join us this Sunday!

    Service plans may be found on the “this Sunday” page.

    Many past teaching powerpoint files may be found on the “media” page.

    Contact number: 815-245-8079 (Pastor Steve, who would be happy to buy you a cup of coffee.)
    E-mail: (Write to him as he loves to correspond.)

    Please leave a comment!

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    Write Pastor Steve at or contact him through Facebook with any questions or thoughts. (You can always call or text!)

    *Please view our “beliefs” page for information about being Baptist.