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    cor·ol·lar·y /ˈkôrəˌlerē/ Noun / A proposition that follows from (and is often appended to) one already proved.

    When one accepts a world view, a system of beliefs about the world that governs how one lives their life, one also accepts the corollaries that go with it.   For example, if I hold to an atheistic world view then I must also accept that there is no fixed basis for morality, because there is nothing to base morality on other than the current societal fad. Morality then becomes merely what we like to think is beneficial to civilization at the moment. Even then, how can one determine what is beneficial seeing that we have no foresight to determine how a given moral code will work out? Then again, how can even “beneficial” be determined? What if “beneficial” is thought by some to be killing off all but a million people so that the planet can survive? What make us think that the planet’s survival is a good idea anyway?

    All world views have corollaries.

    I have yet to meet an atheist who doesn’t hold to some manner of morality, although atheism clearly excludes such a possibility. Every atheist would hold that it is a bad thing to punch him or her in the nose for no reason. On what basis do they see this as being wrong? The rationale usually is simply this: “How would you like it if someone punched you in the nose for no reason?” My response could be: “I like punching folks in the nose for no reason. It makes me happy to dominate others.” This would create a moral stalemate. One holds that it is moral to punch and the other that it is not moral to punch. Who gets to say who is right and who is wrong?

    Carol sent me a newspaper article recently reporting that over 200 pastors and rabbis signed an open letter endorsing gay marriage on the basis of justice and equality. This ends up being a total endorsement of homosexual practice which the Bible clearly condemns as sinful behavior. There is a massive problem here for these pastors and rabbis. Why haven’t they quit their “ministries” altogether seeing that they don’t really believe in any manner of Biblical God whatsoever? Why do they see any relevance of any scriptural passage seeing that they simply pick and choose what they like and don’t like, making themselves the arbitrators of truth? Seeing that they have abandoned Biblical teaching altogether, they need to act in good faith and walk away from Christianity completely.

    Now I understand that this might sound harsh and judgmental but it is merely a call for these “ministers” to be honest about what they really believe. Rather than neutering Scripture, they ought to walk away from it and admit that they are in reality, atheists, having no god whatsoever other than some vague warm fuzzy concept of infinite niceness which is utterly subjective and therefore irrelevant.

    250 “ministers” sign a document denying clear Biblical teaching, and we are supposed to be impressed? There are 1300 municipalities in Illinois. Let us guess that each municipality has 10 Churches and perhaps 12 ministers. (These numbers are ball-parked very low.)   This would mean that there are at least 15,000 ministers in Illinois, which means that this open letter was endorsed by less than 2% of the ministers in Illinois. Since when has the opinion of less than 2% of anyone been relevant enough to make the newspaper? Why pay any attention to the outliers who clearly have departed from any semblance of Christianity unless one has an agenda to use what seem to be big numbers to present fundamental Christianity as being out of touch. We are not out of touch. Rather, we are consistent with the belief system, the world view that we profess.

    We could say that homosexual behavior is a fine and wonderful thing but then we would have to flush the faith just the same as if we said that Jesus is not God come in the flesh. Once we accept that in the beginning, God created the heavens and he earth, we have to then accept the corollaries. He is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient and cares greatly for his creation. If we accept that God made us as recorded in Genesis, then we are indeed accountable to him. If we accept that he designed us, then we must also accept that there is an intended male-female relational design that should indeed be followed. Once we posit that this design is flawed, everything falls apart. The entire belief system collapses, having lost its base altogether.

    Advocating for gay “marriage” is really advocating for the abandonment of Christianity altogether.

    My primary struggle with this is not that these “ministers” have abandoned the faith, but rather that they utterly gut the gospel, claiming that they have not. They are dishonest. They don’t like the concept that everyone has sinned and is bound for the Lake of Fire in the end. That is not nice. It is judgmental. Isn’t that the very point? We are sinners, yet we are deeply loved by God to the point that he sent Christ, the Word made flesh, to bear the penalty for our sins if we choose to enter into his atoning grace. If we can say that one clearly defined sinful activity really isn’t sinful, why not just write off the concept of sin all together and declare that everyone gets into whatever kind of afterlife there might be? To do this makes redemption unnecessary. Christ’s death becomes a sad ending to a good life. (Of course the resurrection becomes symbolic.)

    I do not desire to be divisive here, but we really don’t have a lot of choice. Either we hold to the Gospel of Jesus Christ or we do not. It is either Jesus or the latest evolving philosophy that comes to tickle the ears of those who want only to deny Christ.

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