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4216 West 204th St, Matteson, IL – 708-481-8300
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    The Calvary Church of Matteson, Illinois, is currently a small fellowship, with about 25 – 30 “regulars on Sunday  mornings.  We would love to grow and become a larger Church, seeing folks come to know Jesus as Lord, growing in their faith in him, but we have an odd take on this:  We are not concerned with “Church growth.”
    If you have a Bible handy, please take a moment and read Acts 2:42-47.  We believe that in response to our participation in studying the Scriptures (apostle’s teaching), investing in each other (the fellowship), worship (the breaking of bread) and prayer, God will add folks to us in his time.
    This is not to say that we are against church growth in the least, but rather that church growth can become an end in itself.  We are committed to increasing faithfulness in the four facets mentioned above, trusting God for any growth that he provides.
    As we look at Scripture, we do not see any imperative that says, “Grow in numbers!” We see a lot about faithfulness, obedience, humility and so on, but it is God who gives any increase. (Yes, we do hope that you come and join us in our quest to seek the Way and to make him known!)